Adjustable Mini Duster
Adjustable Mini Duster
Adjustable Mini Duster
Adjustable Mini Duster
Adjustable Mini Duster
Adjustable Mini Duster

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Adjustable Mini Duster

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Product details of Microfiber Telescopic Triangle Mop, 180 Degree Rotatable Adjustable, Extendable Triangle Cleaning Mop Multifunction Triangular Mop Duster for Home Bathroom Floor Wall

  • Triangle Mop Easy Remove Dust with Cleaning Angled Pads
  • Includes telescopic handle
  • Ergonomic handle extends
  • Easy, touch-free cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • Just the right length to reach all those impossible-to-reach spaces, and the contoured non-scratch scrub pad angles into every position to do all the dirty work
  • Contoured non-scratch pad to help you scrub, clean corners and polish surfaces
  • Allows you to effectively scrub every surface without having to bend or kneel to reach every surface.
  • Save cleaning time and energy
  • Perfect for bathtubs and showers, around the toilet, under kitchen cabinets, polish glass doors and mirrors, and around doorways
  • Floor stays dry after moping. No more slipping on a pile of water on the floor
  • Anti-scratching mop head design will not damage your precious household flooring and it’s odorless
  • Covers wide surface area, and makes your floor clean and dry at all times
  • Super absorbent & efficient at trapping dirt and even hair
  • No more smelly mop head
  • Easy to assemble, lightweight and durable